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imageBeing even slightly low on refrigerant or having dirty coils not only increases your electric bill, it can also damage your compressor. A properly maintained air conditioning system will pay for itself with lower electric bills and extended unit life.

All the air that blows through your ducts and out of the registers is first pulled through the return air filter. Keeping the filter clean by changing it every month will assure good air flow and help keep your system clean of dirt and debris.

Water dripping from the PVC drain on the outside of your house may indicate a stopped up main drain line. We can clear the drain lines to make sure that condensate water does not overflow onto your ceiling. AQAH recommends installing a safety float switch in your secondary pan to help prevent ceiling, sheetrock damage.

Bottom of evaporator coil, drains, secondary pan, and safety float switch.

When your A/C starts, it draws maximum amps, consuming more power and sometimes dimming the lights in your house. AQAH can install a kick start to give the compressor a boost on start-up, reducing stress on the compressor, extending its life and reducing your electric bill.



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