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  • I am an investor in the southbelt area. I have to keep costs down to turn a profit, but I also want to sell homes with reliable HVAC systems. Affordable Quality AC And Heating let’s me do both. One story that I think sums up my experience with them comes from a few years back. The technician had inadvertently billed me too much for a replaced condenser unit. I was a little taken back but didn’t show it or say anything about it to anyone. I figured I had gotten three or four good deals in a row and they must needed to lean in on this one. Wow! Was I surprised when they called back and told me about the over-billing. I had already paid in full but they cut me a check for the difference. I forget the amount but it was something like $1400. Maybe I am just cynical, but I didn’t know companies worked that way anymore. I am pleased to give them my unequivocal recommendation.

    Jeff, B & C Homes, LLC

  • Dear Stephens Family: I thank you for your care and attention. All was fine on the home front when I returned home. I’m so happy to know you and appreciate your wonderful and caring service.

    Love & God’s Blessings, Marilyn

  • Dear Mr. & Mrs. Stephens: Thank you so much for your help writing a note about our furnace we could use with our warranty company. They finally agreed to pay for half of it which they probably would not have done without your note. We will contact you again for future work and will recommend you to our friends.

    Linda & Jim

  • Mike: We all want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the air conditioner. You truly went above and beyond the call of duty! We will forever always recommend you to our friends.

    Thanks Again, Meredith & David

  • Donna & Mike: Thank you so much for fixing the A/C drain. I appreciate your fairness and help!


  • Thanks again for putting the new air conditioning system in my house! Its nice to be cool!!


  • Thank you for all your help over these years.


  • Thanks a bunch, it is nice and cool again!

    Jim & Caty

  • Thank you for your good works.


  • Thanks for your prompt service.